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 Hello my dear friend!

Welcome to a place where you can live your creativity! My name is Gamze and I am the founder and creator of GET Estilo. I’d like to tell you my story of first imagining and then creating this wonderful brand and I’d love it if you could take some minutes to stay with me.

A time before planners.
Life is full of things to remember. The more you do, the more things you should not forget. I've always been one who did many things at the same time. I'm easily bored so the more the better. It happens that I've been an ambitious student, full time scientist, passionate dancer and teacher, frequent traveller, loving dog mum, successful entrepreneur, daughter, best friend, girlfriend and now wife, and after all still only a human being.
Often I was busy with most of them at the same time but always at least with 4 or 5. I’m sure you know that situation from your own life. That meant great many things to keep track of and not enough space in my head to keep it all in. For that I had to find a way to keep up with everything.
First I tried using electronic calendars on my phone. It kind of worked in the beginning but once more and more things came up, I still often happened to lose track. The things just did not stick. Later I found out that it was because I didn't write things down by hand.... But even worse… Once my phone broke and everything was just gone. 
After a phase of desperation it became clear to me that "real" planners are the way to go. No typing can make the same connections in the human brain that actual handwriting does. I started writing everything down in a very unfashionable planner which I bought in a discounter and it changed my life. Ever since then, I've been using planners religiously. It's been many years now and I've never been as organized as I am now. 
However, whichever planner I bought, none of them seemed to be the "perfect one". None could cover all my needs due to the big variety of my daily tasks. They were simply not suitable for a creative and very active person. And to add some more on that, they all were stuck with the calendar year. So whenever I bought a planner during the year, half of the inserts were useless and I needed to toss them. Not exactly sustainable and good for the environment, right? The inserts for the holiday weeks were equally useless since I like to challenge my spontaneity during those times, since it is often too hard to be spontaneous during the work times. 
And don’t even get me started about the looks of those planners…

A star is born.
After working for a while with all those difficulties, it became more and more clear to me that the only way to solve this challenge would be to create my own planner. The ONE planner. The planner that would really live up to all my expectations. 
Once the idea was born, it kept growing rapidly. It should be a planner without printed dates, so you can start your very personal planning journey whenever you want. No more waste of paper and resources. It should also look really fancy. I love glitter and sparkles but also sleek yet stylish designs. And I wanted my own name on it, so there was no way to mix it up with someone else. It had to be completely personalized. I wanted to feel really good about one of the most important essentials which I carry each and every day. It had to be an item that I can proudly take out of my bag no matter where I am: Alone at home, in a business meeting or at a fancy gala reception.
Shortly after I started the material sourcing and the whole design process, it became clear to me that the personalization could not just stop there. There is so much more you need to take care of in order to create the perfect individual planner. Apart from the weekly pages, I would need extra planner inserts for all the additional tasks on my schedule. A dog mama needs to keep track of all the vaccinations, a student needs a separate area for homework or grades. People who are into skincare and beauty will need an insert to write down some of their topics….and many, many more. Soon I had a plan sorted out for a whole collection of life planners and items to go with them.

The launch of GET Estilo
As soon as I had sorted out which items to start with, I went into a first small production run. The feedback of my family, friends and the first customers was amazing. Even though we did not put extra money into advertising in the beginning, the planners sold out very quickly. People were raving about the designs, the quality and the fact that someone finally managed to create the right planner for them.
I was thrilled and my creativity was roaring. I found myself creating more and more items. I came up with pens, dividers, stickers… All those wonderful tools for stationary lovers and the ones who enjoy the rituals and relaxation of planning with beautiful items. In order to keep the creative possibilities for all of you high, even the stickers come without pre-set colors so you can match them with the color theme of your planner or your page.
A variety of charms was developed with the same idea in mind as the other add-ons and add-ins. However, the charms are not limited to the organizer alone. For example, I use them as bracelet or as accessory for handbags - and sometimes even for my shoes!

A peak into the future
I love fashion and I love matching items. So after covering many topics around stationary and planners, I feel the urge to get some of my other essentials to match my beloved own designs. And as I know that you love the style as much as I do, I decided to also share these new creations with you. I started with the well-known brush bags a while ago and there will be much more to come. I’m thinking of essentials like organizer type wallets, travel coffee mugs (also work for tea and other drinks of course!), compartmentalized makeup bags and plain notebooks which you can use as a bullet journal, diary, for sketching or for your class notes. And of course everything perfectly matching with the rest of the GET Estilo collection. 

This is the story of GET Estilo, my story, to this day. This is just the beginning though. I deeply hope that my brand and my products inspire all of you. I would be thrilled to see you become more organized, plan your lives towards your hopes and dreams and in the end become better versions of yourselves. Of course, everything with style and with the pleasure of having beautifully crafted items every day. And I would love it if you let your enthusiasm infect others so we can spread the word and help more and more people on their way.
Keep your eyes and ears open for the next product launches, I will definitely make it worth your while!

Thank you for being my inspiration while creating GET Estilo for you, thank you for your endless love and support.

Your Gamze!
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